“it (ABS HoneyComb Drone) seems to bond very well and leaves barely discernible layer lines. I am getting a better surface finish at 200 microns than I was on the same parts at 150.”

“I’ve tested one of the rolls of PLA with amazing results so far, I love the filament”

“I printed a soap dish a few months ago. Not only has it held up well, but it is dish washer safe and repels mildew. Amazing material! Thank you 3D-Filaments! – Salem, VA”

Classic Colors … Forever…

Not even a rainbow has as many bright, vibrant colors as those offered by HoneyComb’s new filament line…


Why experiment with unproven filaments when you can ensure a perfect print?

Certified Non-Toxic and Odorless

Having problems with odor while printing? Check out HoneyComb Drone for a odor-free 3D experience!
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DreamVendor II

As you make your way into Randolph Hall, on Virginia Tech’s campus, it doesn’t take long to realize you are in the mechanical engineering department:  Displays of past work and applicable theory; displays filled with the end result of additive manufacturing (3d printing); the DreamVendor…. front and center. DreamVendor is a 3D printing station that […]

Sample-fy it!

You asked for and now you are going to get it: 3D printer filament by the foot!! That’s right – you can now order HoneyComb Drone Samples!! We believe it’s the perfect size to get a decent print that will let you experience the color you want to test in a productive way. Coming in at around […]

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Drone Line

Experts say 2014 will be the year 3D printing hits that point where the industry momentum cannot be stopped. That makes it only appropriate that 3D-filaments.com makes its mark early in 2014 with the release of the 3D printer filament HoneyComb Drone™. We have learned a lot since launching HoneyComb’s inaugural ABS filament line, HoneyComb Worker, […]


Honeycomb Quadcopter

” I was looking at building my own quadcopter using my own materials. A 3D printed version seemed to be a good option as it would be a factory finish, and better than building from wood or other products. I found a quadcopter design on Thingiverse which was already completed and perfect for what I […]