“it (ABS HoneyComb Drone) seems to bond very well and leaves barely discernible layer lines. I am getting a better surface finish at 200 microns than I was on the same parts at 150.”

“I’ve tested one of the rolls of PLA with amazing results so far, I love the filament”

“I printed a soap dish a few months ago. Not only has it held up well, but it is dish washer safe and repels mildew. Amazing material! Thank you 3D-Filaments! – Salem, VA”

Classic Colors … Forever…

Not even a rainbow has as many bright, vibrant colors as those offered by HoneyComb’s new filament line…


Why experiment with unproven filaments when you can ensure a perfect print?

Certified Non-Toxic and Odorless

Having problems with odor while printing? Check out HoneyComb Drone for a odor-free 3D experience!
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From Email

“I just placed my order on the site. here is my big project dual x mendelmax. it’s still a work in progress, but it works. All printed parts were made with honeycomb worker (3D Printer Filament ). Thank you again, brian” Well, well… we are humbled and happy. Cheers to you, Brian!

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Hello World!

  Wow… can’t believe it’s been just over two months since we launched 3d-filaments.com and we couldn’t be happier with the response. Our line of high grade 3D Printer Filament – ABS, HoneyComb Worker, is doing well with reviews coming back to us that show we hit the target!! Good news on that front is […]