Taulman “645” – 1.75mm Nylon


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Taulman 645 offers a similar printing experience for those using 618 but has moved a step ahead into the industrial use realm. This high quality filament is true and tested and fast becoming the standard in the 3D printing community.

Just load 645 into your printer, increase printing temp to 240C and Hit “Print”! 645 prints over a wide temperature range and while your current temperature may be low for maximum bonding, you may not need a part that can survive a sledge hammer on your first print. There are just a few items to note so you eventually get the best from 645’s properties.
1. 645 will not print/stick to glass or aluminum print tables. The best table material for a new user is a flat piece of unfinished poplar wood or blue painters tape. These are at all hobby stores or home depots. For perfect adhesion, use low cost garolite (LE)..
2. 645’s bonding is best at a true 245C.
3. You may have heard nylon emits fumes. 645 does not emit any fumes for printing. Actually, there is no odor at all from 645. You may see what looks like puffs of smoke, but it is actually water vapor or steam. If you are interested in seeing a full report on extruding Nylon based materials, please check this link as it’s an extensive report used by all of industry.
4. 645 is an industrial line and as such is designed to print in greater layer heights than you usually print. There is no need to print fine layers unless you need high vertical resolution. We suggest 60% OF NOZZLE DIA.
NOTE: Please make sure to dry the nylons if they’ve been left in any humidity at all (Including shipping). All nylons will re-absorb humidity from the surrounding air within just 18 hr. So , please make sure to store nylons, when not in use!

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