The Roanoke Valley Chess Club

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3D-Filaments recently took our 3D printed chess set out to the Roanoke Valley Chess Club, to have the local chess masters give us a test drive.

Our set was printed with the popular 3D printer filament Honeycomb Drone ABS.  The color and finish was the first difference players noticed.  Standard chess pieces are off-white to a yellowed color, while we chose Ceramic White because we like to be a little different.

Players didn’t know what they were looking at.

“I could tell it was different.  It had a different feel to it, but I had no idea it was printed with a 3D printer,” said long time player Mike Huff.

Huff said it was very similar to his chest sets in terms of size, but the weight is what was so interesting.

“When you handle this sort of piece, it’s different.  It wasn’t off-putting.  It was very nice and surprisingly durable.  It was kind of cool because it felt different,” said Huff.

At the end of the day, we let the club keep the club keep the 3D-Filaments set, something they were excited about.

“It makes a great conversation piece.  We’ll break it out next week for sure,” said Huff.